The Bureau 13 Goodies Just Keep Coming!

My mania for developing sheets for Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic did not end with character sheets. I also developed a number of game master sheets, including this: the "Crazies and Cultists" sheet, inspired by the "Monster Master" sheet found in Chaosium's awesome Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Kit (1991):

Bureau 13 Crazies and Cultists sheet

The next sheet is a "Game Log," loosely inspired by TSR's "Dungeon Masters Adventure Log" for Advanced Dungeon & Dragons. We were playing so many games of B13 by the early '90s that I was starting to lose track of everything the characters had done (and all of the creatures and NPCs they'd encountered). Remembering the Adventure Log, I was inspired to create a sheet that myself and our other game master could use to keep track of our adventures. Unfortunately, we weren't great bookkeepers, so less than a dozen of these were ever filled out...

Bureau 13 Game Log

Finally, here's a sheet I made for our players to use to keep track of their spells and the components necessary to cast them. B13 has a pretty simple system for spell casting involving a base percentage of success which is modified by a number of factors, and whether or not the mage has the proper components is one of the biggest of those factors. Unfortunately, the game doesn't really go into much detail regarding components (or spell effects, for that matter), so the amount of work that goes into this is entirely up to the game master. As such, it was just too much detail to dig into and it never really became important which components any given spell requires - we just hand-waved it and said that any given caster spent the appropriate amount of money and time gathering components and kept them in a "go bag." As a result, this sheet never saw much use:

Bureau 13 Magic Sheet