Scanning Project: A Nameless Random Dungeon

As I mentioned when I posted my last unnamed dungeon, nothing says to the players: "Here's a bunch of monsters waiting for you to kill them and take their stuff," quite like a dungeon that doesn't even have a name.

(I suppose, given that thought, one could call this: Murder Hobo Dungeon.)

So, here's a 13-level dungeon with no name, created in the mid-'90s. I believe this was populated using the "monster level equals dungeon level" philosophy, so encounters grow progressively harder as characters descend. It was also populated using the old-school random dungeon room contents rules, so there are plenty of empty rooms and very little "naturalism" as far as monster placement is concerned. (Much of this was done using the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia, so you might not recognize all of the monsters herein.)

This one's slightly incomplete, however, as it's missing the stat block detailing the "Guardian" to be found on Level 13. (This page was probably appropriated for use somewhere else in my campaign, thus my inability to locate it.) If I recall correctly, the Guardian was basically a customized dracolich. But feel free to let your imagination go crazy for the creature that dwells in the dark abyss of Level 13.

You may also notice that there's no map for Level 13 itself - that's because it's not really necessary, as Level 13 is just a vast, empty abyss. If the characters choose to explore the darkness, I again suggest you let your imagination loose - maybe what lies within that void exists on a different world or plane...

. . . . .