Dungeons of My Youth: Fires of the Gorge - Addendum

I was recently relocating my old Dungeons & Dragons books, etc., to a new shelf, when I came across a curious piece of nostalgia: my AD&D "Dungeon Masters Adventure Log."

This was great piece of kit for DMs back in the day - a booklet containing a series of two-page spreads that allowed a busy DM to track the player characters' basic info, as well as the highlights of the adventure. It even had boxes for the party's marching order and light sources. This was far superior to the hand-written notes and manually created "Cumulative Treasure Log" that I and my friends used. (Don't ask how we abbreviated that - we were pubescent male geeks and it showed.) It also was (and still is) a great way to look back and see exactly what the PCs were up to at any given point in time.

Case in point: the log entry from 1982/-83 for the sole run my group (read as: me and my nephew - although it looks like my brother-in-law may have made a cameo appearance here playing his first PC, Targ the Fighter) made through the titular home-brew dungeon, "K-C1: Fires of the Gorge":

Check out those AC values - and just look at all that booty!
Ah, Monty Haul dungeon crawling, how I sometimes miss thee!