Good Lord Deliver Us!

And finally, wrapping up this week's trio of terrifying treats, here's a character sheet for another of my favorite horror role-playing games: Kult.

As much as I love classic/gothic and pulp horror, I also love contemporary dark fantasy/horror. I find myself inspired to new heights of imagination by such sources as the stories/novels/movies of Clive Barker, the stories/novels/comics of Neil Gaiman, and other sundry sources, such as DC's "Hellblazer" comic. (NOT the movie! Keanu Reeves as John Constantine? WTF?!) It's only natural, therefore, that a game like Kult should be attractive to me.

I've never had the chance to play a PC in Kult, but I did run an abortive campaign a few years ago. Unfortunately, one of my players found the game to be "too nihilistic," so the campaign ground to an early halt. More's the shame, because I had some great things in store for future games - and a plethora of dysfunctional NPC's: I had waaay too much fun making one "broken" character after another with whom the PC's could interact. (I also made the players' characters for them; the best of the bunch was the PC of the player who shut down the game: Bernie Dexter, a petty thief who suffered from a severe case of eisoptrophobia (fear of mirrors) - mainly because when he looked into a mirror or other reflective surface, he had a good chance of "piercing the veil." What a waste of a cool character...)

As with the other systems I've mentioned in the last two posts, Kult is not a perfect system. In fact, I preferred to use the system from R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk when I ran the game. More on this later. (If there's a perfect system in my world, it's Cyberpunk (2013-version) - with Chaosium's basic role-playing system running a close second. [Edit: An honorable mention should go here to Eden Studios' Unisystem - another solid game system that powers a bunch of really great games and comes close to being my Perfect Game System.] The core system is simple enough to make character creation a breeze, yet complex enough to cover most character actions smoothly. And I can't possibly say enough good things about "Friday Night Firefight.")

So, to satisfy your nihilistic contemporary horror role-playing cravings, here's a character sheet for (the now-defunct) Metropolis' Kult:

[NOTE: You can find an updated version of this sheet in this post.]

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  1. In fact, I preferred to use the system from R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk when I ran the game.Wow. We did this too. I ran Kult a handful of times back in the day. And every time we used Cyberpunk (though it was 2020 since that's what we had) for all the actual gameplay. So there's an interesting coincidence for you.

    (We did the same thing with Dark Conspiracy.)

  2. Very cool. As They say: great minds think alike. ;)


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